We, in Integra, strongly believe in the high quality of our produced material, in our steady and repeatable production and in the continuity of the relation with our customers and suppliers.

Our specialty is the production of top quality Recycled Low Density Polyethylene/High Density Polyethylene/Polypropylene granules, with color variation and with a yearly capacity of 30.000 metric tonnes.

Our 6-step line of production considered a prototype with many innovations and edge technology integrated.

This is the reason we can guarantee that our recycled polymers:

  • Have the highest quality
  • Have a total odorless profile
  • Demonstrate the best performance in all applications
  • Fit our customers' requirements

Processing includes five different steps:

In each one of these steps, we have along, the machinery of the leading European manufacturer, providing to us a state of art technology.