Integra Plastics SA is a newly established company in the field of the polyolefin recycling.

We are located in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our specialty is the production of top quality Low Density Polyethylene, High Density Polyethylene and Polypropylene granules, with color variation and with a yearly capacity of 30.000 metric tonnes.

Our line of production considered a prototype since we integrated many innovations and edge technology on the process of the materials.

Processing includes five different steps: Presorting, OpticalSorting , Washing, Drying and Extrusion. In each one of these steps, we have along, the machinery of the leading European manufacturer, providing to us a state of art technology.

Our team consists of highly sophisticated associates, with great experience in the field of polymers, recycling and trading.

Our aim is to offer a top quality product, with continuity and consistency, covering all the needs the modern market asks for.

With all the above in our mind we look forward to meeting you, in order to have a fruitful discussion and eventually, establish a mutual, long lasting, profitable cooperation.