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“After recovery, waste becomes a resource for the economy”

On his late interview on Bloomberg TV Bulgaria – in the show “In Development”, our CEO, Mr. Julian Belev, shared our company’s point of view on several issues.
We need to understand that waste is not a throw-away anymore. Must be considered as a resource for the economy. The life of waste doesn’t end when we just throw it in a bin and certainly the idea or the common practice to just lead it to landfilling belongs to the past.
The waste cannot be endlessly accumulated in landfills because the planet just can’t handle it anymore and there is no alternative solution on this point. On the contrary, waste should be considered as a great resource that can be used in different directions. For instance, can be an energy resource.
What makes us really intrigued though is the path of recycling and mainly the path of plastic recycling. We invested 40mil € in this idea in order to have a fully automated plant, totally complied to the requirements of the European Circular Economy legislation,  with the most modern Western European technology. Our final goal is to give back to the market a product which is equivalent or as close as it can get to the virgin product.
Watch the video to find out more about our vision and our beliefs.