Production Process

1. Receive the plastic waste in bale form or in a Big-Bag

2. Cut the bale using large shredders

3. The material moves on conveyor belts of more than 1km in length where mechanical instruments conduct a cleaning process, thus freeing the material from metal, glass, stones, paper, wood, etc.

4. The material is sorted by polyolefin type if needed.

5. The it is hot washing.

6. The plastic flakes are sorted by color, divided into the following groups: transparent, red/blue/green/yellow and grey/black

7. The hot washed, polyolefin-sorted and color-sorted material is then dried and pushed to the regranulation process. Here, the plastics get compressed, melted, filtered, degassed, homogenized and eventually transformed into pellets and packed in 1 Tn Big-Bags.

8. Finally, we have a high quality product which is ready to cover the needs of a wide range of applications